The Chicken Church

There is a big building chicken-shaped that can be seen from a distance, located on a hill, called Gereja Ayam (The Chicken Church). In fact, it is not a church but the locals have noticed this building as a Church. The owner built this building for a social purpose; a rehabilitation place to whom addicted drugs. It is for everybody who can’t afford to cure the victims. But, today the Chicken Church becomes a tourist spot.

  • There is a hall for gathering (social and religious content for any religion & ethnic groups).
  • Wall paintings all round with social messages.
  • Outdoor places for gathering.
  • Sunrise spots.
  • Coffee shop.

The Chicken Church is a recommended place to visit combined with his sister’s hill called “Stumbu Hill” and afterward visiting other great places like Borobudur temple or do activities like cycling, river rafting, hiking, etc.